M.Pire / Lanchepac

Lanchepac, or M.Pire, is a game which you play with multiple people. You land on an island, and by traveling your influence spreads over the land. The more influence you have, the stronger you are. You can steal land by disconnecting it from the other players. You can also conquer outposts which help you spread your influence without your presence.

Be the last one standing and become the true M.peror!


M.pire's original idea was from me. With a lot of input from Kevin and Sander, the game became what it is right now. I was responsible for the art. I wanted to keep the game very simple and clean, like an infographic.

The generation of the islands was done in Substance Designer, art done in Photoshop and the game was build in Unity.


VR Simulator

VR Simulator is a game you play by yourself on the HTC Vive. You spawn in a room and need to solve puzzles to obtain a left hand, right hand and your VR goggles. Then you enter a new room with a new puzzle but the same goal. When you forget to grab one of your hands, you will only have one hand in the next room. You are able to take of your virtual VR goggleswhich makes you enter the store to buy hands or skins.


I was responsible for dressing up the rooms. I wanted to go for a very clean and shiny style inspired by Portal. This was our first time creating a VR game so it was very challenging. 

We managed to get a very solid workflow by letting designer and programmer make the levels, where I just had to dress up the rooms.