Action Henk

Released on PC (2015) and Ps4 & Xb1 (2016)


My good friends at Ragesquid asked me to create the characters for their game called Action Henk.

The game is about a toy-figurine of a former action hero. Unfortunately his prime time is over and he now spends his days on the couch drinking beer and watching TV.  One day his evil brother, Dr. Kentony, challenges him to a race because he thinks he is now the fastest brother. Henk accepts and together with his friends he starts a racing competition to prove everyone that he is still the best there is.


I was responsible for creating some cool designs for the characters. I started of with a simple 2D concepts based on Ragesquid's directions to get their approval of the designs. After that I created the 3D models including their textures. When the basic character were done I was asked to do 6 skins per character.

Kentony was done by Michael Knubben

Click on the portraits above to view the characters on Sketchfab!

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